Sicco Floor Design

We are a close knit, family-owned business who has built our reputation from trust and a depth of knowledge. We’ve been in the industry a long time, and know how daunting it can be selecting not only flooring, but the right company to go with. We’ve seen and dealt with it all. With Sicco you […]

Elite Left Limited

Elite Left was founded by Alyson Harris, in Christchurch, New Zealand. Keen to raise awareness of our left-handed goods, we are happy to come and speak to larger groups/organisations, demonstrate our products, explore how left-handed goods can benefit the organisation, and share the story behind Elite Left. “Being left-handed, I have experienced difficulty of using […]

Manchester Unity South Canterbury

We are a NZ, not-for-profit organisation that has been around for over 180 years. Manchester Unity is New Zealand’s largest fraternal friendly society. Our membership provides value from $96 per year ($8 a month), and by joining us, all members become part of a supportive community filled with like-minded people who simply want to enjoy […]

Napier City Council – Environmental

How can we improve our stormwater and urban waterways to help our estuary and coast? By working together we stand a better chance of improving the water quality of our estuary, so that it can remain one of the most significant cultural, environmental, ecological, and recreational sites on the East Coast of New Zealand. The […]

Think Water Hawke’s Bay

The Think Water vision is to become Australia and New Zealand’s leading supplier of innovative and integrated solutions to the water services sector, delivering maximum efficiency and certainty to our clients. We are your local water experts. We specialise in irrigation, pumping and filtration system design, supply, installation and servicing, for a magnitude of customers […]

Onsite Ensuite

Our temporary bathrooms are brought to your location and our team will set it up for you. The freshwater comes into the bathroom trailer from your garden hose, wastewater is disposed of directly into your property’s existing system, and the hot water is heated by either a gas califont or electricity depending on which trailer […]

Popey’s Contracting Ltd

Family owned business specialising in decorative concrete finishes, placing of house foundations and commercial or industrial concrete foundations in the Marlborough area. We also supply firewood to the Marlborough region.

Venluree Nelson/Marl

Whatever your window, wherever you are in the country. We at Venluree pride ourselves on providing professional services and knowledge, with quality products and affordable prices. With Venluree agents across New Zealand, we have got you covered.

Nanoclear Nelson

Nanovere *Nano-Clear has developed a complete platform of market-ready 3D nanostructured polymers and multi-functional nanocoating formulations. Nano-Clear nano-coatings have been proven to be the most scratch, chemical and UV resistant in the coating industry. Nano-Clear is the perfect product for permanent clear coat protection for home assets, vehicles, marine boats and industrial assets.

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